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Jewish Xmas

For many years, I’ve heard my Jewish friends talk about it. So this year, I decided to experience it. Having had “Italian Christmas” on December 24, I decided to join my friends on December 25 and experience Jewish Christmas.

“What’s Jewish Xmas,” you ask? Well, I asked that question once. The response: ” Jewish Xmas is when Jews go out and eat Chinese food and watch movies on Xmas!”

So, a few friends and I headed over to ‘Genghis Cohens’ in West Hollywood and participated in the tradition.






We feasted on various dishes, exquisite cocktails, and since none of us at the table were Jewish, we ordered the Bar B Que Pork!

My favorite dish was definitely the ‘Moo-Shoo Chicken!’ Just saying the word ‘Moo-Shoo’ made me want to have it!

Our fortune cookies arrived and mine was spot on! More social fun for all of us!




We then headed to the oh so popular Hollywood Archlight Cinema ( Formerly the cinerama dome) …..and had dessert before our movie!



Jewish Xmas was a great experience…. And I totally recommend trying it! Even if you are a gentile!



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