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The Dark Side Of Being Single: Women Who Tell Good Stories Put Men To Sleep!


“……. When I entered the area with all the other naked people around the pool….”

This was the ‘climax’ of my story. The “middle” as we say in the storytelling world. That’s when I began to hear heavy breathing followed by snoring on the other line.

I was on a late night phone call with a gentlemen suitor. We were doing one of my favorite things. Swapping stories.

I listened to him recount his tales. He’s a good storyteller. I added comments as he finished. I thanked him for not telling me a story about his penis.

Oh yes, men love to tell me stories about their penis. They think that just because I’m a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, they can tell me ‘anything.’ And thus, start to tell me a story about their penis. I’m kind of like a priest. Listening to penis confessions. That’s a bad analogy. I know.

I’m not surprised that my gentlemen suitor fell asleep at the “climax“. Researchers Donahue and Green (2016) have published a study in BPS Research Digest that states: “Men do not find women who are good storytellers attractive.” The study further suggests that: “Men are socialized to be suspicious of women who take space and focus, considering that active status a threat that masks any liking they might have for storytelling traits, whereas women are socialized to appreciate first impressions of male competence.” 

NP’s always back up their findings with some type of evidenced based research. That’s what our profession is all about. And here it is.

I sent my gentlemen suitor “funny” snoring emoji’s accompanied by a trail of zzzz’s after I hung up. In the morning I woke up to several apologetic text messages. I accepted his apologies and said: “No worries, it’s not your fault you fell asleep on me. It’s societies conditioning!”




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