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Sick Of Online Dating? Become A Triathlete

Serial dating. It sucks! Thanks to Tinder, Bumble and whatever other MatcH Cupid BS sites are out in the Internet world… That’s what we “single” folk are all doing.

Going on many first dates.

Serial dating gets old fast. It seems to be part of the online dating culture. People have forgotten that they can actually connect with the opposite sex offline.

Oh yeah, I’ve heard the excuses: I work too much, I have no social skills, and I don’t know where to meet real humans.

One solution: Become a Triathlete.



The Italians have a phrase: Volere E Potere

It means: To be willing and to be able.

At the age of eighteen years old, I attended my first triathlon as a spectator. It was in Orange County at a man made lake. I was romamticized by the sport! watching men and women swim, bike and run was exhilarating!

I had the “volere!” I knew I wanted to complete a triathlon one day. I loved to swim and bike..but I hated running.


That “potere” or “able” portion came to me in 2008. I joined two triathlon teams: LA TRICLUB, and the CHLA (Children’s Hospital Los Angeles) teams. In total, I’ve completed seven mini or “sprint” triathlons as a “single” competitor.

Sprints: short distance triathlons, 1/4-1/2 mile swim in the ocean or pool, 14-18 mile bike ride, 3.5-4 mile run.

If you know how to swim, bike and run…Go for it!

You don’t even have to be an expert at all three. That’s why you train, to get better. And when you train …. You meet humans!

My first triathlon was the 2008 Nautica Malibu Triathlon. Some of my fellow competitors included Jennifer Lopez and Mathew McConahey.

The Damsel In Distress

Back in my triathlon days I would meet a ton of healthy happy people. They were all driven and focused.

When I trained at places like : The Pasadena Rose Bowl, Zuma Beach, and Griffith Park, I met a fair share of handsome fit male triathletes.

They loved a damsel in distress( yes that was me on more than one occasion).

If and when my bike tire became flat on a ride, in a matter of minutes, a nice guy would come by and change it for me. I’ve never had to change a bike tire on my own. I know that’s bad… But it was always an interesting encounter. And the guys loved helping!


After I bought my first road bike, a TREK , I had no idea how to ride it. The saying: It’s as easy as riding a bike… in my opinion does not apply to triathlon’s or racing! There is a ton to know. I decided to break in my new bike at the Pasadena Rose Bowl for my first ride. As I was sitting on the floor pumping up my tires, I noticed a rather “handsome” gentlemen circling the area where I was sitting.
“Nice car!” he said as he took two more rides around my car (a brand new 2008 BMW) before he stopped.

“Oh thanks!” I said as I proceeded to pump up my tires.

“Here let me do that for you!”

And before I could protest, he literally pushed me out of the way and pumped up both of my tires. He also “fit” and adjusted my bike to my size, and gave me a lesson on how to ride my bike.

We exchanged info after the lesson.

Yes, I googled him. I found out he worked for a major athletic shoe/ swim wear brand as a designer, raced in multiple Tour De France’s, and had written chapters in books on cycling.

After several emails back and forth, due to schedule conflicts, a date never manifested!


The Ocean Swims Are Tempestuous!

Just because you know how to swim in a pool doesn’t mean you know how to swim in the ocean!

First of all: it’s cold ! Buy a wet suit!

Second: Train!

I’ve been a swimmer since the age of four. I swam competitively in high school. And when it came to ocean swimming, I felt like a remedial swimmer! Thank God for LA TRI Club and their Ocean 101 trainings.

This is where you see the hot bodies…

If you start to train and compete for triathlons… All modesty goes out the window. Just let your endorphins shine!

My favorite part of training was waking up at five am and driving down to Santa Monica for an Ocean Swim with Coach Jerry @ Tower 26. By the end of summer, the venue attracts at least two hundred triathletes.

My friend Natalieann and I would meet on Wednsday mornings. Straggle in late, chit chat like normal Italians do, and get yelled at by Coach Jerry to get into the water! Coach Jerry was hot.. So I never took it personally!

We would end our workouts with a run.Four miles, round trip from the Santa Monica Pier to the Venice Beach Pier. Our topic of conversation during our run: where are we going for breakfast?

And while you are putting on your wetsuit, and taking it off to shower… Those are the best times to strike up a convo with your fellow triathletes. They may even let you borrow shampoo. Conditioner if you are lucky!

No Joke! 

Triathlons are NO JOKE!

Since 2008, I’ve completed seven sprint triathlons. I’m happy to say I’m retired from racing, but I still love to swim and bike… I hate running.. Still!

I’ve had people approach me out of shape asking advice about completing  a triathlon for weight loss.

My response: buy a book on triathlon training, get a trainer, get a full medical physical exam which includes an EKG, echocardiogram, find a sports massage therapist, chiropractor, and acupuncturist… And put in the time needed for training!

Believe me, I’ve had my fair shares of falls from my bike and runs. Thank God for Mederma! Always carry a first aid kit with you.

People have been known to have heart attacks during ocean swims. Please take care of your body during trainings and races! Training is time consuming, labor intensive, …. And FUN!

Tri’s are a great way to meet friends, potential dates, maybe a your future ex husband or wife. If you don’t end up meeting that special someone, I guarentee, you will make amazing friends… Look good and feel good!

Triathlon Training Info and Experts

Training based in Los Angeles:


 Custom Bike Fitting and Training based in San Francisco


Indoor Heated Cycle based in Toluca Lake




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