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Too Much Fun w/ Poshmark #100daysOfSummer 

Mercury is in retrograde: time to get rid of bad habits, ex boyfriends, and cleanout those closets! 

Have I told you how much I ❤️ Poshmark? It’s amazing! In one month I’ve made 2 sales! I got rid of an old purse that triggered bad trauma from an old job every time I looked at it! Healed that memory and made some cash! 

Although these Christian Siriano ankle leopard boots are super cute! They hurt my feet like a bad ex boyfriend broke my heart! 

Loved them just as much as the ex! Christian Siriano was the youngest designer to win season 4 of “Project Runway!” Oh how I use to love that show! And I loved Christian’s eclectic nature!

Alas, I bid farewell to them as they were shipped to a lucky gal in Pittsburgh! 

Hope she enjoys them! 
Cheers! xo 👠


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