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Dating App Scammers & Chivalry… They Both Need To Die!

I open my car door on a daily basis. On a date, I don’t need a man to open it for me… My arms are not broken!

-My Medical Assistant

If you are on the dating app circuit you know we have officially entered the apocalypse!

So …yeah go ahead and use it as a hook up tool! The universe as we know it is bound to explode any minute!

… And if you get an STI what does it matter? You’re going to die anyway! And no… just because you’ve had a vasectomy that doesn’t mean you are immune from STI’s ! Sheesh!

The Latest Dating App Scam

“Hey I went on a weird date. Give me your number and I’ll tell you about it!

The latest scam is the person ( in my case a dude) will try to get you off the app ASAP!

They then will start telling you a bizarre story of a woman who started to masturbate by sticking a fist up their vagina!

Or send you Dick Pics!

So don’t give anyone you’re number… at least till you have a date set!


Don’t get me wrong: it’s nice when someone opens a door for you!

Heck, I open doors for people all the time!

But, it’s almost 2019!

On a recent dinner date with a “dude” I had absolutely no connection with, he insisted he walk me to my car. I said “No thanks!” Twice!

And of course he walked me to my car anyway! He must have been hard of hearing, I can only assume!

Then, he gave me a “fake” hug, and proceeded to try and open my car door for me. I again said “No, I can open my own car door!”

But of course he’s deaf and opens it anyway!

As he goes to close my door he adds

“Take Care!”

Thats the bad date kiss of death!

Chivalry Needs To Die

A few moths ago, I was chatting with a neuroscientist studying “Reverse Chivalry.”

She stated that “Reverse Chivalry” puts focus on a person’s social cues rather than opening doors!

It’s all about really paying attention to the person you are out with and focusing on their body language, and of course what they are saying verbally rather than just doing an action ” like opening a car door” because it’s the gentleman thing to do or it’s how they’ve been programmed!

Woman are great at it. Men suck at it.

It’s all because of social programming. But, if men try, they can do it!

I once was in a relationship with a guy who was a master at this! He literally could read my thoughts.

At a dinner, while having pizza, I was thinking of breaking up with him.

He suddenly asks ” Are you going to break up with me!”

I was floored!

Our conversation was platonic and pretty much positive but suddenly that thought popped into my head!

It was wild!

And of course, I denied the thought!

If you just really pay attention to your date and “tune” into them, you really don’t need to be opening doors to make an impression.

On that note: I don’t write these blogs to bash my dates. I write them so people can learn from them, and perhaps “deprogram” themselves.

Fun fact: the “take care” dude was an IT guy!

Happy Dating!


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